24 September 2009


Today is a special day for Darren… today begins his first holiday ever… yes you read correctly. Now as you may know (or may not know) Darren tends to go about things in a slightly different way to most and so there should probably be some qualification to the above statement of first holidayness… it is true he has been on holidays before, when he was a child for example his parents took him many interesting places, cruising around in an old converted ambulance with flowers painted on the sides, like some budget English version of the partridge family (without the music), roaming the land, stopping where they pleased with their pet tortoise and insane battery powered everythings. But that was a long time ago (and probably another story).

Since then Darren has of course been away with his (now ex) wife and kids on numerous occasions, but that's just not the same as going somewhere by oneself or at least in the company of those one chose to travel with (as I'm sure any of you breeders out there will attest to). And so through many years and many trips away it was only realised that today was in fact the first day of a Darren's first ever "holiday of choice".

Where's he going (I faintly hear imagined voices cry)… it's not important. Could be a ditch beside a motorway, could be a castle in the air, could be he's slipping through a time hole (as he sometimes does) to go visit Hitler and have a word with him… it doesn't matter. To him today is a very special day, it marks the end of one phase of his life and the beginning of a new and better one.

Wish him happy holidays.