12 January 2010

braingunk store

As some of you may have already noticed, braingunk is now sporting a spanking new "braingunk store" link in the top right corner.  

Scoot on over there to pick up your very own braingunk themed t-shirts and mugs.  You'll also find a veritable shed load of other off the wall, exclusive (and some might say insane) t-shirt designs for your wearing pleasures, such as the "I've Killed More Dolphins Than You" shirt seen here.

There's a section full of "I Heart" shirts none of which you're likely to find anywhere else on the planet and an "Over The Line" collection of quote "seriously wrong" slogans and images.

There's even a special introductory sale on right now, which runs until the end of Feb so grab your goodies now and save a few bucks.