8 December 2009

Pink Shirts and/or Purple Ties

Now I'm sure you've seen them, especially if you live or work in London England.  The bankers and the brokers, the money men and the movers and shakers that have in recent times taken to wearing pink shirts and/or purple ties. 

Now what with London being the fashion capital that it undoubtedly is,  there are several reasons to explain why certain types of men have started to wear such garb.  But there is one very important reason regarding this trend in attire, that most people have failed to notice and I'm especially talking to you the ladies out there. 

Pink shirts and/or purple ties have become a uniform, a uniform worn by a particular brand of modern man. Now I'm sure a lot of you are thinking that I'm about to play the "gay angle" but you'd be wrong.  Most gay men that I know would never be seen dead in a pink shirt and/or a purple tie, because generally they are a particularly aware group when it comes to fashion and the messages sent out by the clothes you wear.  No, most gay men would not wear a pink shirt or a purple tie for one simple reason. 

In almost every circumstance those men that do wear pink shirts and/or purple ties are… well there's no other word to best describe them so I'm just going to have to use it.  Most men who wear pink shirts and/or purple ties are… cunts. 

There I said it.  Yes cunts, and cunts of the highest order to boot.

I currently work in Islington, a reasonably fashionable and pleasant area of London and while I'm there, the one thing that's pretty much off the radar is pink shirts and/or purple ties… why… because most of the people that work in or live in Islington are actually pretty cool people.

However (yes there is my favorite word again) on my way to work, I do walk between Fenchurch Street station and the Bank underground station… right through the heart of the financial district of the city. Now I'm not saying that everyone that works in that area should be considered in any less a favorable light than anyone working in any other part of London… but I'm certainly implying it. 

Not every person I've met in that particular part of London was a selfish, insensitive, manipulative, uncaring, ignorant, self centered, disgusting, hypocritical cock wipe… but most of them were.  And of those human cockroaches that scurry between the money and pussy and the coke, the worst examples I've ever met…by far… were wearing pink shirts and/or purple ties.

So to keep this short, I'm just going to finish now with a couple of pieces of advice.

IF you are a lady and one day a man takes your fancy and you date him and he seems perfectly charming, financially secure, witty and fun, but later you see him wearing a pink shirt and/or a purple tie… run… run for your life. Because underneath the layer of charm he’s managed to fool you with… he's a total and utter bastard just waiting to fuck you over and piss on your self esteem and shit on your heart… trust me, he is.

And IF perchance you happen to be the type of man that wears a pink shirt or perhaps a purple tie or even both… then… all I can say is … well…  fuck you… do everyone a favour and crawl back under your rock and die, you are scum, you are vermin…you are the worst example of human trash imaginable.

Have a nice day.